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David McCormick Is Running To Be The Senator From Pennsylvania… From Connecticut?

Anti-Trump And Pro China

McCormick is an elite member of the establishment. A proud business globalist. McCormick turned Trump down for a job because he does not support President Trump’s America First agenda. (1)

He Is . . . Pro-China.2 Pro-forever wars.3 Pro-bad trade deals.4



McCormick’s firm’s biggest clients include the Chinese government and Chinese institutions, and just announced it raised over $1 billion to invest with China. McCormick’s firm has been described as being “fascinated” by China and employees were even told to avoid writing bad things about China. (5-6)

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American values

Does McCormick believe America is a racist country? He wrote to his employees that America is “Benefiting from a system that quietly discriminates – without acknowledging it and helping to repair it – only propagates that system.” (7)

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McCormick required employees at the company he ran to get the COVID-19 vaccine. (8)

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McCormick has called for an increase in immigration to the United States—including speeding up the visa and green card process. (9)

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2nd Amendment

McCormick has donated thousands of dollars to Democrat Senator Jack Reed, a leading gun-control and anti-Second Amendment advocate. (10)

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When McCormick was CEO of FreeMarkets, Inc., he laid off Pennsylvanians - only to open a new operation in India. He then traveled to their nation’s capital to announce a $4.2 million investment with more to come. (11-12)

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